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    Folklore Ethnographical Exhibitions
    Folklore-ethnographical Exhibitions is very famous in Uzbekistan. This event is held in Karshi in April every year. The exhibition highlights the folklore of the region.
    Karshi, UZBEKISTAN
    Marianas Cup Beach Volleyball Festival
    Micronesia’s longest-running and biggest volleyball event features not just a volleyball tournament, but prize drawings, raffles, and many more fun activities. Top players from around the globe come to Guam to compete for some substantial prize money. It is held in February every year.
    Micronesia, GUAM
    International Photo Festival
    This underwater photography festival lures many world-renowned nature photographers to the archipelago each year. It is held in March every year.
    Melekeok, PALAU
    Return of the Sun
    January’s return of the sun after several weeks or months of constant darkness is a major cause for celebration in Greenland. The return of the sun is celebrated with family excursions, songs, coffee and cakes in most of the towns north of the Arctic Circle.
    Glasgow International Jazz Festival
    Glasgow International Jazz Festival brought some of the biggest names of jazz to the City. Jazz comprises of a whole range of styles, from trad and Dixie to free jazz, and the GIJF always has had a rich and varied programme.It is held in July annually at various venues throughout the city of Glasgow
    Glasgow, SCOTLAND
    International Festival of Sfax
    The international festival of Sfax is held in the municipality of Sfax every year. It includes a wide ranging programme of performances, from pop to classical music. This famous festival is held in June every year.
    Sfax, TUNISIA
    Panchimalco Flower and Palm Festival
    Panchimalco wakes early to music on the first Sunday in May every year to honour its two patron saints with the spectacularly colourful Flower and Palm Festival. The annual Flower & Palm festival sees locals take to the streets laden with palms threaded with tropical flowers.
    Panchimalco, EL SALVADOR
    Festival of Museums
    The Festival of Museums is celebrated by more than 100 museums each year in May in the beautiful garden of the Hungary National Museum to show art and culture. There is also plenty of entertainment, including live music, theater and dance shows.
    Budapest, HUNGARY
    Wanyambo Festival
    It is a cultural gathering held in Makumbusho in Dar es Salaam featuring plenty of traditional music, dance and food. The Wanyambo Festival is one of the best opportunities to check out the local culture of Tanzania in early January.
    Dar es Salaam, TANZANIA
    Annual Kites for Wishes
    This festival is very famous and popular on Island. It is celebrated in February every year. It features kite professionals and a number of children’s activities which include: kite exhibitions, kite making and flying, games and prizes, as well as refreshments for all.
    Culturama is a weeklong event filled with street fairs, beauty pageants, jump-ups, and lives music. This huge event is held in July every year.
    International Carnival of Rijeka
    International carnival of Rijeka is held in January every year. It is held at Croatia’s principal port city, this yearly event has origins that date back over a century. The carnival is a cultural celebration of street parades, exhibitions and performance art.
    Zagreb, CROATIA
    World Mother Language Day
    21st February is celebrated every year as the National Mother Language Day, which marks the anniversary of the martyrdom of Language Movement of 1952. The Shahid Minar (martyrs' monument) is the symbol of the supreme sacrifice for the mother tongue.
    National Day
    This is a celebration of the creation of Kuwait as a nation, which was formed in February 1961. The day is celebrated with public meetings, firework displays and the wearing of the national dress. National dress is worn and it’s a time for family, parties and feasting.
    Kuwait City, KUWAIT
    Etelapohjalaiset Spelit at Suupohja
    It is held in southern Ostrobothnia in august every year. This annual festival is a celebration of dance and folk music and sees a variety of performances in both genres as well as numerous poetry recitals.
    Ostrobothnia, FINLAND
    Tambo International Art Festival
    The city of Pemba hosts this colourful festival in July that celebrates cultural diversity through art, dance, theatre and music performances. This event lasts for a week and includes workshops for visitors as well as locals given by Pemba’s traditional craftsmen and women.
    Trooping the Colour
    This ceremony takes place every year in June in London and is performed by several regiments. The first trooping the Colour ceremony took place in the 17th century during Charles II era. This colourful ceremony is attended by Royals as it also marks the Birthday of the British Sovereign. The Queen inspects her troops and travels from Buckingham palace to The Mall. Hundreds of spectators visit the event every year. This event is also broadcast all over the world. A must see event if you happen to be visiting London in June.
    This multi-day festival has three purposes: firstly, to worship the animist deities; secondly, to signal the end of the farming cycle with the harvest; and thirdly, to celebrate the beginning of the rest period. It is held in August every year in the Kpalime region.
    Kpalime, TOGO
    World Wetlands Day
    This February event is popular across the country for its focus on environmental, conservation and tree-planting, as well as a Wetlands March in aid of nature conservation.
    Gaborone, BOTSWANA
    Dragon Boat Festival
    Many people attended the festive boat races in Taiwan with teams coming from all over the world. It attracts athletes from around the world who compete for the Taipei International Dragon Boat Race Championship. This festival is held in June every year.
    Taipei, TAIWAN
    Cotton Festival Aleppo
    Aleppo is one of Syria’s main cotton distribution site. The region produces almost all of Syria’s cotton exports & during annual Cotton Festival,factories open their doors to boast their wares & their skills. Many people from across the country attend to take advantage of cheap & good quality cotton
    Aleppo, SYRIA
    Music Day Festival
    Renowned dancers, artists, and musicians flock to Malabo perform live in front of thousands of people. This is very famous festival in Malabo. It is normally held in July every year but the date changes yearly.
    Festival Casals
    Casals Festival is held since 1957 for several weeks in late February as a tribute to the much-loved world-famous cellist, Pablo Casals, who lived here for almost 20 years. Music spans almost an entire month and showcases some of the best classical and jazz performers from around the world.
    San Juan , PUERTO RICO
    Abolition of Slavery
    Abolition of Slavery festival is celebrated on June 10. Families head to the park, where food kiosks are set up. There are fun activities for kids also.
    Cayenne, FRENCH GUIANA
    Chiang Mai Flower Festival
    Beauty contests, handicraft sales, flower displays and a parade of sumptuously decorated floats take to the streets as Chiang Mai residents celebrate flower power. Spectacular beatiful florals are the memorable feature of this 3-day festival in Chiang Mai also known as the "Rose of the North".
    Chiang Mai, THAILAND
    International Folklore Festival
    International Folklore Festival is held annually in early July, features a large number of folk dance performances. Folk groups from all over the wider region come to perform in Sarajevo to very enthusiastic audiences.
    CHOPI Music Festival
    This traditional festival is a way to preserve the unique music heritage of this region. This unique festival kicks off at the end of July and continues into August with concerts of the traditional, local and Chopi music.
    Quissico, MOZAMBIQUE
    National Day
    The Central African Republic celebrates its national day on December 1. There are festivities, speeches, parades, Music, traditional dances, food, boat races and other activities throughout the nation.
    Chelsea Flower Show
    Come & visit RHS Partner Gardens around the UK this autumn and witness vibrant colours of turning leaves, berries and other fruit from majestic trees and shrubs. Immerse yourself in all things autumnal at RHS London Harvest Festival Show on 9 and 10 October and the the RHS London Shades of Autumn
    Birds of Prey Festival
    Devoted to golden eagles & falcons which are revered by the Kyrgyz. Since Ancient times hunters have caught young chicks & taken them home to bring them up & train them to hunt animals. It place every August with proud owners bringing their avian treasures to take part in contests.
    Bishkek, KYRGYZSTAN
    Memorial Day
    It is a day of national pride for Turkmenistanis, who hold public services to honor all those that died fighting for the nation. It is held on January 12.
    Ashkhabat, TURKMENISTAN
    Moonsplash Festival
    Moonsplash has become the longest running independent music festival in the Eastern Caribbean & has become a top showcase for vintage reggae acts & emerging talent. This annual three-day music festival has attracted every February a diverse array of performers to its ramshackle stage over the years.
    Rendezvous Bay, ANGUILLA
    Morne a l Eau Crab Festival
    Crab is king at the Morne à l'Eau Crab Festival, which takes place in April. Visitors can sample multiple varieties and recipes of crabs. The crabs are a local delicacy and so the event has been celebrated for the last few decades with music events and even a cycling race.
    Basse-Terre, GUADELOUPE
    Festival van Vlaanderen
    Festival van Vlaanderen is very famous event in Belgium. There are performances of classical and international music. These are held in churches, abbeys, town halls and other historical venues throughout Brussels. The festival begins in April and runs until October.
    Brussels, BELGIUM
    Prislop Pass Folk Festival
    Folk Festival is celebrated at Prislop Pass near Borsa. Participants of Folk Festival arrive in period costumes and join feasts and folk dances. It is held in August every year.
    Prislop, ROMANIA
    Tirana International Film Festival
    Tirana International Film Festival is very famous in Albania. Tirana International Film Festival is held annually in April. Majority people of Albania have come to enjoy this festival. Categories include Feature Films, Short Films and TV serials.
    Tirana, ALBANIA
    Thingyin or Water Festival
    At the height of the dry and hot season, around mid-April, the local new year starts with three-day Water Festival or Thingyan. The entire country stops working to splash each other with water and cool off from the oppressive heat of April.
    Naypyidaw, Myanmar
    Festival of Pacific Arts
    The festival is held every four years since 1972, and brings together artists and cultural practitioners from around the Pacific region for two weeks of festivity. It is recognised as a major regional cultural event, and is the largest gathering. The Solomon Islands hosted this festival in July.
    Dubai Shopping Festival
    One of the biggest events of the year, start from January including concerts, art exhibits, street performers, sport activities, amazing raffles and huge sales lasting for one month. Shoppers from around the world take advantage of bargains on luxury items like gold, jewellery & high fashion brands.
    Lagoon Festival
    The Lagoon Festival is a spectacular event and very famous in Solomon Islands. It is held in the month of October every year. There is an open water swim, and the Tie Va Rani Triathlon is also held.
    Ngondo Festival
    Ngondo is a celebration of one of Cameroon’s many ethnic groups. Celebrations include traditional dances, choral music, handicraft exhibition, a canoe parade and race, and a carnival. The ritual and feast which is held in the first week of each December celebrate the unity of the Sawa peoples.
    Douala, CAMEROON
    Ati Atihan
    Ati-Atihan is one of the Philippines' most celebrated festivals, held in honour of Sto Niño, the 'holy child'. People cover their bodies or faces with soots to look like Atis or Aetas (native people) and dance streetdances with a holy image of the Sto. Nino.
    Argungu Fishing Festival
    This is an annual four-day fishing festival that has been held in the northwestern state of Kebbi since 1934. The Argungu involves literally thousands of men and boys dashing into the local river intent on scooping up the largest fish in the river, the Nile perch. It is held in March every year.
    Argungu, NIGERIA
    Macao Arts Festival
    Macao Arts Festival is an annual event that brings artists together from all over the world in late May, early June each year to showcase performances and artworks. There is so much more to the Macao Arts Festival than great performances.
    Macao, MACAU
    Festival de Jazz
    Festival de Jazz en la Escuela Superior de Música (Jazz Festival) - mid-June, those with a love of jazz music should not miss the many concerts and talented jazz musicians performing at the National Art Centre, completely free of charge.
    Mexico City, MEXICO
    Culture Week
    Cultural Week takes place in August and September every year. The youth travel back to their villages to pay respect to their families and ancestors. Fun activities include dances, sports games, wrestling and also cultural clubbing.
    Yaounde, CAMEROON
    Baia das Gatas Festival
    The Baia das Gatas Music Festival occurs each year over the August on the Island of Sao Vicente. The event involves not only Cape Verdean musicians but also international artists, and attracts tens of thousands of people not only from Cape Verde but also from across the globe.
    Sao Vicente, CAPE VERDE
    An annual pre-Lenten time festival that features many colourful events, such as the two day street parade. The carnival also includes the National Queen Show, where the winner of the Miss Dominica title is revealed.
    Roseau, DOMINICA
    Kuste Karneval
    The Kuste Karneval, held every August, is Swakopmund’s version of a street party. Festivities include street parades, all-night parties, food stalls serving up local delights and lots of drinking. There are also activities for younger locals and visitors.
    Swakopmund , NAMIBIA
    Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago is one of the great experiences of the World and One of the best known worldwide street festival. It is a street party that happens over a 2 day course before the Christian period of Lent. It's a feast in music, partying, dancing and freedom.
    Port of Spain, TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO
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    Casa de los Suenos Hotel
    Cancun, Mexico

    The 5-star Casa de los Suenos Hotel offers comfort and convinience whether you're on business or holiday in Cancun. The hotel has everything you need for a comfortable stay. To be found at the hotel are Wi-Fi in public areas, poolside bar, concierge, safety deposit boxes, room service. The well-appointed guestrooms feature hair dryer, in room safe, shower, complimentary bottled water, air ...

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     Featured Event

    Festival de Jazz
    Mexico City, MEXICO

    Festival de Jazz en la Escuela Superior de Música (Jazz Festival) - mid-June, those with a love of jazz music should not miss the many concerts and talented jazz musicians performing at the National Art Centre, completely free of charge.

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     Featured Tourist Site

    Bassin Bleu
    Jacmel, HAITI

    Hidden in the hills above the picturesque town of Jacmel in the South East Region of Haiti, Bassin-Bleu is an experience of a lifetime. Jump from the waterfalls, swim in the cool basins, enjoy the cool cover of the lush vegetation in your own private grotto.

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     Featured Restaurant

    PARADISE Restaurant
    Lome, TOGO

    With panoramic views of the capital Lome, the "Paradise Restaurant" offers a varied menu of grills, snacks and pizzas for lunch and dinner.

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     Featured Holiday Tour

    Atlanta Travel
    Tashkent, UZBEKISTAN

    Atlanta Travel tourism agency in a short period of time could achieve leading positions in the tourism market of Uzbekistan.Uzbekistan tour operator Atlanta Travel of highly skilled experts in tourism business are ready to offer you & to your customers unforgettable tours to the cities of Uzbekistan

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     Featured Car Hire

    Value Rental Services Ltd
    Macau, MACAU

    We would like to intoduce you our Chauffeur Drive Service that may use for tour around,it may be for business trip or pleasure. We also offer transfer service from point to point. All our drivers bothFilipino and Chinese can speak and understand English well.

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