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    Uruguay International Film Festival
    Uruguay International Film Festival is very famous festival and is held in the city of Montevideo. This annual event sees screenings of movies, documentaries and short films from directors across the globe. It is held annually in April.
    Montevideo, URUGUAY
    It is the world's largest and most celebrated beer festival. Berlin's International Beer Festival showcases hundreds of beers from over 60 countries, bringing conviviality to the city's premier Stalinist Boulevard. It is held in October every year.
    Munich, GERMANY
    Dubai Shopping Festival
    One of the biggest events of the year, start from January including concerts, art exhibits, street performers, sport activities, amazing raffles and huge sales lasting for one month. Shoppers from around the world take advantage of bargains on luxury items like gold, jewellery & high fashion brands.
    Trelawny Yam Festival
    In Montego Bay, the Trelawny Yam Festival provides for a full week of celebration, culminating in a street festival in Albert town. There is a concert at the end of Yam Festival Day, featuring the best of Jamaican music. It is held annually in April.
    Trelawny, JAMAICA
    Mombasa Carnival
    Arguably the best festival in Kenya, the Mombasa Carnival features numerous floats representing just about every race & cultural group in Kenya. Artists, dancers, musicians & tribal people flock to take part in the concerts that make up one of Kenya’s largest annual events. It is held in November.
    Mombasa, KENYA
    Thai Pongal
    Thai Pongal is a harvest festival that is celebrated on a grand scale in Sri Lanka. Fireworks, singing and dancing go on all through the night as locals celebrate a good harvest. This festival is held in January every year.
    Kotte, SRI LANKA
    Apollonia Arts Festival
    The largest Bulgarian festival of the arts, Apollonia, began in 1984 as a friendly initiative among the regular visitors of the quiet sea resort Sozopol. Within their ranks were many musicians, artists, theater folk, cinematographers and journalists. It is held from August to September.
    Sozopol, BULGARIA
    The Summar Festival
    The Summer Festival is a unique music event held in the centre of the town Klaksvik. It is the biggest music event in the Faroe Islands celebrated in every August. Embedded in the midst of the serenely natural rather than the urban, the Summer Festival makes for a unique experience.
    Klaksvik, FAROE ISLANDS
    Lake Malawi International Yachting Marat
    It is an established race that used to be known as the Malawi 500 International Marathon, taking place over five days in every July. This is one of the most interesting small boat sailing races in the world. The race is longest fresh water marathon in the world attracting participant worldwide.
    Lilongwe, MALAWI
    Festival International de la Culture Hip
    This annual festival is one of the biggest of its kind in West Africa. This celebration of urban cultures is attracting thousands of international artists and media. It is usually held in October every year.
    Ouagadougou, BURKINA FASO
    Maitisong Festival
    Gaborone’s major festival takes place in March, and is a performing arts cornucopia of traditional music, dance and theater held all over the city and its suburbs. The outdoor programme of theatre, music and dance takes place on stages in different locations with an amazing variety of performances.
    Gaborone, BOTSWANA
    Antigua and Barbuda Sports Fishing Tourn
    Recent years have witnessed three main events put on by the Antigua & Barbuda Sport Fishing held in May annually. Cash prizes are offered to participants in this long-running fishing tournament that includes a marlin division and prizes for successful landings of tuna, wahoo, dolphin, and king fish.
    The Cartagena International Film Festiva
    The Cartagena International Film Festival is very popular and famous festival. It is held in March every year. This annual event is one of the most prestigious film festivals in South America and a major attraction for film enthusiasts from around the world.
    Cartagena, COLOMBIA
    Independence Day
    Independence Day celebrates the freedom of the Maldives from Britain back in 1965. Maldives arrange various processions and functions. The school children and the National Security Services hold parade on the 26th of July.
    Male, MALDIVES
    Arts and Culture festival
    This event highlights the uniqueness of the different peoples of St Helena and thus the different cultural traits that blend to form one beautiful island. Date of festival is different every year.
    Jamestown, SAINT HELENA
    The Fat Ox
    The Fat Ox takes place on New Year's Eve. The animal is decorated from head to tail with flowers and ribbons and taken by parade to the Piazza San Petronio. At midnight cannons are fired from the hillsides & church bells are all set in motion.
    Bologna, ITALY
    Ballanta Music Festival
    Organized by the Ballanta Academy of Music in Freetown, this festival spans two days in mid-March. Performances and lectures by local musicians are enjoyed by both international and domestic attendees. Miatta Conference Hall hosts this annual event.
    Freetown, SIERRA LEONE
    The New Zealand International Film Festi
    The New Zealand International Film Festival is a national event extending the cinematic options of audiences and filmmakers throughout New Zealand. A programme of between 150-170 features is presented in Auckland and Wellington. It starts in July and end in August every year.
    Wellington, NEW ZEALAND
    Spear Dancing Festival
    Spear dancing is an important cultural feature for natives from the Solomon Islands. Spear Dancing Festival is held annually in May at Santa Catalina. It is very exciting cultural event not to be missed.
    Santa Catalina, SOLOMON ISLANDS
    Festival des Arts de Conte
    Festival des Arts de Conte is drama festival with an explosive display of classic Guinean drama. Country’s most talented authors and wordsmiths are participated in this famous festival. This festival is held in April every year.
    Conakry, GUINEA
    Eid al Fitr
    The Eid al Fitr ranks as one of the most important among all the Saudi Arabia Festivals and Events. The festival marks the end of Ramadan. Eid ul-Fitr begins with a small morning meal and quiet prayers, and continues with larger feasts and livelier celebrations among family and friends.
    Riyadh, SAUDI ARABIA
    Holetown Festival
    The Holetown Festival in Barbados is a week of events in February celebrating the first settlement in Barbados, in 1625 at Holetown by the English. Highlights of Barbados' history and culture are showcased at this annual festival through art, craft, food, music, fashion, and drama.
    Holetown, BARBADOS
    Ananda Pagoda Festival
    The Ananda is King Kyansitthar's masterpiece. One of the most popular pagoda festivals in Myanmar. The town of Bagan dresses up its many pagodas as processions and cultural performances fill the streets. The pagoda festival is held for a fortnight during January around the full moon day.
    Bagan, Myanmar
    International Kreol Festival
    The International Kreol Festival is a four day event and is very famous in Moritius. It takes place in late November or early December every year to celebrate Creole culture. It features dancing, music concerts and literary readings, as well as a great deal of partying.
    Port Louis, MAURITIUS
    Hot Air Balloon Race
    In March Portugal hosts a hot air balloon race with numerous teams from various continents taking part. The balloons fly from Vila Pouca de Aguiar to Loulé in the Algarve, stopping at Braga and Guimarães in the Minho. There is usually a big party at the end of flight.
    Lisbon, PORTUGAL
    Puerto Plata Cultural Festival
    This festival is celebrated in June and includes diverse demonstrations of Dominican culture such as concerts, dance performances, folk music presentations, salsa, blues and jazz performances. Tourists are highly recommended to join in the celebrations.
    Doha Cultural Festival
    The Doha Cultural Festival is held in March and is the biggest event of its kind, attracting hundreds of tourists. Traditional music, dance, costumes, and cuisine are mostly found throughout the event. The event also involves distribution of awards to pioneers in the field of culture production.
    Doha, QATAR
    Nanduti Festival
    Nanduti is the name given to a style of traditional lace crafted in the region around the city of Itagua. This traditional folk festival is held annually in July and showcases the region’s art, crafts, food and music with the amazing lace-making skills of the local women on display.
    Itagua, PARAGUAY
    Fes Horn
    Fest’Horn is very special and famous festival in Djibouti. It is celebrated in December every year. This regional festival was created to bring attention to music in this part of the Horn of Africa, and is marked by performances from artists in different genres.
    Djibouti, DJIBOUTI
    Prague Spring International Music Festiv
    One of the most stellar festivals in the last Several years It is a showcase of outstanding performing artists, chamber music ensembles and symphony orchestras from around the world. The festival has been held annually since 1946, running each year from mid-May through early June.
    Panama Jazz festival
    This festival generally runs through 6 days in every January and arrives at select venues throughout the country. Panama is a country that loves jazz. Lovers of this popular musical genre from Panama City and the rest of the country converge at a selection of venues to appreciate performances.
    Panama City, PANAMA
    Marlborough Wine and Food Festival
    The Marlborough Wine & Food Festival is New Zealand’s leading premier wine festival. This iconic event showcases the very best of Marlborough in one stunning vineyard location. It is held in February every year. Festival-goers can sample the crisp sauvignon blancs that the region is famous for.
    Marlborough, NEW ZEALAND
    Livingstone Cultural and Arts Festival
    Livingstone Festival Zambia is one of the famous festivals in Zambia. In fact, it is the biggest festival of Zambia. This annual September festival celebrates the artists in Zambia, from dance to painters. Theatrical troupes, performance pieces, music groups, jugglers, and clowns fill the streets.
    Livingstone, ZAMBIA
    Argel Accord Day
    Sao Tome celebrates the national holiday of Argel Accord Day on 26 November every year. Prior to the nation being granted independence, the Argel Accords which promised to grant sovereignty were signed in Portugal.
    Windhoek Karneval
    The biggest event in the Windhoek, and Namibia as a whole, is the Windhoek Kareneval or WIKA. Traditional festivities kick off on a Friday with Prinzenball and include music performances, a masked ball, a children's carnival and a parade down Independence Avenue. It is held in April every year.
    Windhoek, NAMIBIA
    Nuuk Snow Festival
    The annual Nuuk Snow Festival brought teams from around the world to Nuuk to create elaborate snow sculptures. This competition is usually held in February or March, depending on weather condition. The world’s finest snow artists can only use traditional non-powered tools to sculupt their creations.
    Voodoo Festival
    Thousands of followers of voodoo meet for ten days in Benin, West Africa, during a festival celebrating the spirits of their ancestors. This public holiday attracts believers from all over West Africa and the world to celebrate the unique. It is held in January every year.
    Ouidah, BENIN
    International Folklore Festival
    This festival has hosted by Burgas. It includes parades, Bulgarian folk music concerts, traditional Bulgarian dance, exhibitions of traditional objects and folk crafts workshops. This event takes place annually in August.
    Burgas, BULGARIA
    Vaduz Film Festival
    Vaduz Film Festival is a two week festival in the month of July every year. All the films are shown in the open-air cinema. Flicks from around Liechtenstein, Europe, and other parts of the globe are screened.
    Ati Atihan
    Ati-Atihan is one of the Philippines' most celebrated festivals, held in honour of Sto Niño, the 'holy child'. People cover their bodies or faces with soots to look like Atis or Aetas (native people) and dance streetdances with a holy image of the Sto. Nino.
    Niue Arts and Culture Festival
    This biannual April event showcases arts, culture, history, entertainment and much more from artists and performances from here in Niue and abroad. Many Niueans who live abroad flock back to their homeland to reconnect with their families and loved ones.
    Alofi, NIUE
    Beltine Festival of Celtic Culture
    Features include Celtic music, dance performances, games and workshops, martial arts demonstrations, a children’s programme and vendors selling crafts and food. It takes place every year from 30 April to 1 May, and features fun activities for the whole family.
    Khan Tengri Mountain Festival
    Khan Tengri Mountain Festival is held every year in August. The Khan Tengri Mountain festival is a grueling mountain climbing event. The festival brings participants from several countries around the world. It is a test of physical strength and stamina.
    Astana, KAZAKHSTAN
    Festival of Wiltz
    Since the inception of the festival in 1953, this outdoor theater like no other, with the castle as is the annual gathering of artists, theatrical and musical ensembles of international stature. The Festival de Wiltz is to present to the audience some of the greatest artists of the time.
    British Virgin Islands Wreck Week
    The month of May brings Wreck Week to the British Virgin Islands. This annual event is in its third season and offers enthusiastic divers a chance to visit some of the British Virgin Islands best wrecks. Scuba divers will not want to miss this exciting week in May.
    City of London Festival
    The City of London Festival brings together the very best in music and the arts to promote the cultural diversity and wide-ranging talent of some of the world's leading artists in some of the City's most beautiful and historic venues. This year’s annual festival promises to build on previous years’ successes with a packed programme of world class concerts, performances, walks, talks, debates and exhibitions at various venues across the square mile and outdoor events that bring the City to life through music, street theatre, circus and dance. Many events are FREE and great fun for the whole family.
    Gomphu Kora Festival
    Gomphu Kora Festival is held annually from 23-25 March. Gomphu Kora lies in the heart of the agrarian belt of eastern Bhutan. Gomphu means “Meditation Cave” and Kora means “Circumambulation”. Several prominent religious personalities have undertaken pilgrimage to Gomphu Kora.
    Thimphu, BHUTAN
    Gelede Festival
    Gelede is a festival which honors mothers in the community and to pay respect to their female elders. There are choreographed dances, singing, music, and drumming in the festival. It takes place during the dry season between March and May.
    Cove, BENIN
    Kuta Karnival Bali
    The Kuta Karnival event is a very famous festival and held on glorious Kuta beach in Bali annually in October. There are series of event like opening ceremony with Kite Festival, Balinese Arts, Cartoon exhibitions, Movie Screening, Bali Food Festival, Sand Sculpture Competition and lots more.
    Bluff Oyster and Food Festival
    In May, visitors flock to Bluff on the southern point of the South Island to enjoy the freshest oysters in New Zealand and all kinds of other seafood delicacies. Festival entertainment is also oyster-related with Live music adds to the atmosphere and friendly Bluff locals make this event popular.
    Bluff, NEW ZEALAND
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    Grand Elysee Hamburg Hotel
    Hamburg, Germany

    The 5-star Grand Elysee Hamburg Hotel offers comfort and convenience whether you're on business or holiday in Hamburg. The hotel offers a high standard of service and amenities to suit the individual needs of all travelers. Shops, tours, bicycle rental, valet parking, business center are there for guest's enjoyment. Relax in your comfortable guestroom, featuring coffee/tea maker, desk, ironing ...

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    Festival de Jazz
    Mexico City, MEXICO

    Festival de Jazz en la Escuela Superior de Música (Jazz Festival) - mid-June, those with a love of jazz music should not miss the many concerts and talented jazz musicians performing at the National Art Centre, completely free of charge.

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    Wadi Rum
    Aqaba, JORDAN

    One of the world’s outstanding desert landscapes… situated in the friendly and peaceful nation of Jordan … truly breathtaking scenery and a chance to experience desert life and Bedouin culture.

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    Westfalia Restaurant
    Asuncion, PARAGUAY

    We are waiting for the best German and international cuisine in a cozy and air-conditioned. Enjoy our extensive buffet, every Sunday at noon. Grilled with varied and delicious steaks.

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    Africa Last Minute
    Mombasa, KENYA

    Africa Lastminute is a fully licensed Tour Operator providing tours and travel services in Kenya. We provide quality tours & safaris at the most affordable prices. Offering exclusive safaris and beach holidays on the Kenyan coast, with a focus on quality, we tailor-make holidays.

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    Buy Belize Vehicle Rentals
    Belize City, BELIZE

    Buy Belize Vehicle Rentals has been providing clean, efficient, reliable and economic rental vehicles to its clients for many years. We are known throughout the country for our outstanding guarantee of 24 hour service, unlimited mileage, airport pickup, and vehicle delivery.

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