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    National Day
    The Chad`s celebrates its national day on April 13. There are festivities, speeches, parades, Music, traditional dances, food, boat races and other activities throughout the nation.
    N'Djamena, CHAD
    Calabash Festival
    This mid-July festival is a celebration of Montserrat’s most useful fruit, from which many of the island’s traditional musical instruments, eating implements, and other items were made. It includes cricket, music, foodie events and lectures.
    Plymouth, MONTSERRAT
    European Jazz Festival
    It is held in every June & welcomed by the theatre of Lycabettus. Lycabettus also welcomes every year many other events, such as music, dances and theatrical performances from the national and international scene. This annual jazz fest has grown rapidly and attracts best-known jazz names in Europe.
    Lycabettus, GREECE
    Qing Ming Festival
    This is a time when ice and snow has gone and plants are beginning to grow again, and is a time for respect to ancestors. Chinese visit the graves of their loved ones, to clean the area and pay respect. Ancestors are held in great respect, and young family members join in this grave-cleaning ritual.
    Beijing, CHINA
    Columbia International Festival
    The Columbia International Festival showcases the music, culture, food and performing arts of the various cultures, nationalities, races and language groups represented in South Carolina. The event brings all of the area's international communities together to build better community/race relations.
    Bogota, COLOMBIA
    Anthestiria Flower Festival
    In May, the streets of Larnaka and Paphos come alive with colourful blossoms during the annual Anthestiria Festival of flowers. The main focus of Anthestiria is the flower parade with beautifully decorated floats and pedestrians carrying flowers. The Anthestiria Festival is a celebration of spring.
    Limassol, CYPRUS
    International Festival of Sfax
    The international festival of Sfax is held in the municipality of Sfax every year. It includes a wide ranging programme of performances, from pop to classical music. This famous festival is held in June every year.
    Sfax, TUNISIA
    Bluff Oyster and Food Festival
    In May, visitors flock to Bluff on the southern point of the South Island to enjoy the freshest oysters in New Zealand and all kinds of other seafood delicacies. Festival entertainment is also oyster-related with Live music adds to the atmosphere and friendly Bluff locals make this event popular.
    Bluff, NEW ZEALAND
    Dead Sea Ultra Marathon
    A day featuring five different races from the Junior marathon at 4.2kms to the Ultra marathon at nearly 50kms beginning in the capital Amman. The competitors begin at the high elevations of Amman and make their way down to the lowest point on Earth, in the desert of southern Jordan.
    Amman, JORDAN
    Amsterdam Roots Festival
    Amsterdam Roots Festival is a crossroad of cultures, people and customs. Amsterdam Roots Festival presents in June every year. Amsterdam Roots Festival presents an adventurous programme of world music and culture. Performances are held outdoors for free as well as inside several city venues.
    Amsterdam, NETHERLANDS
    The Nc wala Ceremony
    It is one of the most colorful festivals celebrated in Zambia. This land is a popular tourist spot and tourists throng the place throughout the year for the varied attractions that the place offers. This festival is celebrated by the Ngoni tribe in Chipata to mark the first fruit of the season.
    Chipata, ZAMBIA
    National Horse Festival
    The National Horse Festival is held every July & is one of the year’s most popular events, featuring races & traditional team games. Traditional horse games which will be featured include: Ulak Tartysh – which involves two teams of riders “battling” over a goat's carcass & many more games like this.
    Bishkek, KYRGYZSTAN
    Ramelau Cultural Festival
    Ramelau Cultural Festival is held annually in October at Ainaro district. It is named after the country’s highest peak, Mount Ramelau. This Festival is the biggest cultural event held outside of the capital in East Timor.
    Dili, EAST TIMOR
    Olive and Bruschetta Festival
    Olive and Bruschetta festival is held in spello in December annually. This celebration of the olive harvest features bruschetta which is country flat bread with newly pressed extra-virgin olive oil. There are folk groups performing songs and popular dances to liven up the festival.
    Spello, ITALY
    Every year in the months of July and August ancient theaters in Cyprus host one of the greatest festivals of ancient Greek drama. Events take place at Kourion Ancient Theater in Limassol, Ancient Odeon in Paphos and Makarios III Amphitheater in Nicosia. The festival attracts thousands of Peoples....
    Limassol, CYPRUS
    Goroka Show
    For three days in September, Goroka hosts one of the largest events in Papua New Guinea’s calendar. The Goroka Show is an intense display of the rich and vibrant culture of PNG. Tribes from all over gather in the town of Goroka for a weekend of music, dancing and amazing displays of tribal rituals.
    Zimbabwe International Film Festival
    Zimbabwe International Film Festival annually showcases over a hundred features, shorts and documentaries from around the world. It also hosts workshops, which are open to all attendees. It is held in Harare annually every August.
    Harare, ZIMBABWE
    Independence Day
    Chad’s Independence Day is celebrated annually on August 11. The day is celebrated joyously as country’s freedom from France.
    N'Djamena, CHAD
    Constitution Day
    This day is celebrated across Palau. Constitution Day, which falls on July 9 each year, commemorates the signing of the Nuclear-free Constitution in 1981.
    Koror, PALAU
    Art Basel
    Art Basel is one of the most important and certainly the world’s largest and most prestigious art fair for modern and contemporary art. Every year in June, artists from all over the world come to Art Basel to show their work.
    Prayer and Takai Week
    The first part of the month of January is dedicated to Prayer week. Also during that week is the annual 'Takai' meaning 'going around'. Each day of this festival is filled with sporting competitions, dancing, and daily church services. Many motorists toss sweets to children.
    Alofi, NIUE
    Pago Pacific Arts Festival
    Pago Pacific Arts Festival is the most famous festival celebrated in American Samoa. This famous festival is celebrated in the capital Pago Pago every July. This event attracts artists and attendees from around the globe.
    Rome International Choral Festival
    Rome International Choral Festival is an incredible festival. It is held annually in July. It brings together many talented choral groups from around the globe. Performances are held in both Vatican City and in Rome as well.
    Vatican City, VATICAN
    Havana International Guitar Festival
    This is considered one of the world's most prestigious musical festivals and is held in May every year. There is a unique opportunity to enjoy a packed programme of musical events. It has welcomed guitarists from all around the world.
    Havana, CUBA
    Moldova Wine Festival
    The Moldova wine festival, officially named “National Wine Day”, takes place in Chisinau during the first weekend in October at the end of the grape harvest. The festival celebrates Moldova’s rich winemaking traditions, which date back to the 15th century.
    Chisinau, MOLDOVA
    Las Llamadas Mardi Gras Carnival
    It is renowned as the most famous of festivals, Mardi Gras is celebrated mainly on the streets of Montevideo. Many thousands of people flock to Uruguay’s capital to embrace this ‘fiesta of fiestas’. This major annual spectacle in which the streets filled with literally thousands of reveller.
    Montevideo, URUGUAY
    This 2-week event celebrates and showcases the art and culture of the Cayman Islands every April. This art and cultural festival showcases some of the best local talent in a variety of artistic displays: art and photography exhibitions and competitions, dance, music, poetry, plays and more.
    Georgetown, CAYMAN ISLANDS
    Halloween is very famous in Falkland like USA. Halloween is the perfect excuse to dress up and act like a child on the night of October 31. Plenty of the local establishments throw costume parties and a wide range of themed baked goods are available in all of the local bakeries.
    National Day
    Bahrain also celebrates its National Day on 16th December every year with events like parades, speeches, marches, firecrackers and special events.
    Manama, BAHRAIN
    Sumbe Music Festival
    Also known as Festi-Sumbe, this three-day celebration is an international festival mainly taking place in Sumbe City in the Kwanza Sul province. The Sumbe International Music Festival Festisumbe celebrates the music of Angola. It is held in September every year.
    Sumbe, ANGOLA
    National Day
    The Central African Republic celebrates its national day on December 1. There are festivities, speeches, parades, Music, traditional dances, food, boat races and other activities throughout the nation.
    Black Christ festival
    This is an annual event and is held in the neighbouring village of Portobelo. The famous Festival sees a statue of Jesus paraded through the streets in honour of the curious historic events that passed before it became a permanent part of the village. This event is held in the month of October.
    Portobelo, PANAMA
    Ananda Pagoda Festival
    The Ananda is King Kyansitthar's masterpiece. One of the most popular pagoda festivals in Myanmar. The town of Bagan dresses up its many pagodas as processions and cultural performances fill the streets. The pagoda festival is held for a fortnight during January around the full moon day.
    Bagan, Myanmar
    International Balloon Festival
    The Alpine village of Château-d'Oex accommodates around 80 hot air balloons from 20 different countries. During all the event, the spectators can make a wonderful flight above the Pays-d'Enhaut valley. It is held in the end of January annually.
    Chateau-d Oex, SWITZERLAND
    Monster Concert
    The Monster Concert is one of the annual Fasching events, and is very famous since 1958. Music is played and dancing in the streets is the norm, with thousands of visitors adding to the spectacle every year. It is held in the town of Schaan annually in the month of March.
    Centre X Centre Festival
    Newly renamed, the Centre X Centre Festival formerly known as Rwanda Theatre Festival takes place in Kigali every year. Every year the festival has a theme which is generally related to the ideas of Arts and Peace. In Kigali events take place at the ISHYO Art Centre. It is held in August annuall
    Kigali, RWANDA
    Koktebel International Jazz Festival
    This is a movement that changes the world for the better,originality of the music is attracting more and more people as opposed to the world universal standard. This jazz festival brings a number of world-class musicians from around the world to perform a series of concerts at venues around the city
    Koktebel, UKRAINE
    Malapenga Dance Season
    August sees the start of the traditional Malipenga Dance season in many districts in Malawi, including Karong, Rumphi and Nkhatabay. It is a traditional celebration of one of Malawi’s most iconic dance forms. Exhibitions take place all over the country to demonstrate the Malawi`s cultural heritage.
    Lilongwe, MALAWI
    The Kuomboka Festival
    To get out of the water and onto dry land is the meaning of the word that shares its name with the most famous festival in Zambia. Kuomboka Festival is one of the alluring festivals of the country that sees a huge influx of tourists every year. itis held in May every year.
    Zambezi Basin, ZAMBIA
    Nuuk Snow Festival
    The annual Nuuk Snow Festival brought teams from around the world to Nuuk to create elaborate snow sculptures. This competition is usually held in February or March, depending on weather condition. The world’s finest snow artists can only use traditional non-powered tools to sculupt their creations.
    Independence Day
    Comorian independence is celebrated every July 6 when nation got freedom from colonialism. The festivities are marked with good food, cultural presentations and merriment.
    Moroni, COMOROS
    Eid Milad Al Nabi PBUH
    Eid Milad Al-Nabi(PBUH) is celebrated by Muslims throughout the world & in Saudi Arabia. It marks the birth of the Prophet Hazrat MUHAMMAD(PBUH). Processions and a large feast are held, and homes and mosques are decorated. The date of Milad al-Nabi varies every year according to islamic calender.
    Riyadh, SAUDI ARABIA
    Abene Festivalo
    The annual 10-day drumming festival in the Casamance community of Abene begins at the end of December. This celebration of Casamance culture attracts performers and visitors from across West Africa and even as far as Europe.
    Casamance, SENEGAL
    Jazz Espoo
    It is held in Helsinki every year in April. The Jazz Espoo brings together big names from Finnish and international jazz for performances. Top musicians frequently top the bill with past stars.
    Helsinki, FINLAND
    Riga Opera Festival
    The Riga Opera Festival is one of the first, large-scale opera festivals to be held in Northern Europe and has become an eagerly awaited, annual event by both Latvian audiences and opera-lovers from abroad. This annual festival takes place in the Latvian National Opera.
    Riga, LATVIA
    Bahamian Music and Heritage Festival
    The Annual One Bahamas Music and Heritage Festival is also another famous celebration of the Bahamas. This is a three days celebration boasting the national pride and patriotism and is a great fun for all specially the youths. It is held in Exuma in march every year.
    Exuma, BAHAMAS
    Christmas Day
    Christmas Day is celebrated on 25 December by the Roman Catholic minority living in the Comoros with festive gatherings of friends and families.
    Moroni, COMOROS
    Puerto Plata Cultural Festival
    This festival is celebrated in June and includes diverse demonstrations of Dominican culture such as concerts, dance performances, folk music presentations, salsa, blues and jazz performances. Tourists are highly recommended to join in the celebrations.
    Feast of the Assumption
    August 15 is the assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The day is considered a multi-faith holiday in the Central African Republic. Processions are held throughout the day.
    BVI Spring Regatta and Sailing Festival
    A seven-day sailing event that includes cruises, smaller races, and the three-day main-event regatta. This week long event held at Tortola’s Nanny Cay Marina during the last week of March. More than 150 boats take part in three thrilling races around the Sir Francis Drake Channel.
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    Palenque, Mexico

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    Perth International Arts Festival
    Perth, AUSTRALIA

    The Perth International Arts Festival is the oldest annual international multi-arts festival in the southern hemisphere and annually offers some of the world's best theatre, music, film, visual arts, street arts, literature and free community events. It is held in February every year.

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    Milford Sound
    Te Anau, NEW ZEALAND

    Experience the true beauty of the South Island with an unforgettable journey to the Milford Sound. Visitors are drawn by the spectacular sights of waterfalls cascading from sheer rock faces rising 1,200 metres or more from the sea, lush rain forests clinging precariously to the cliffs and the seals.

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    Golden Gate Restaurant
    Kingston, JAMAICA

    Celebrating 10 years of unbroken service to our valued customers, Golden Gate Restaurant continues to provide the most delectable Chinese cuisine to our patrons, continuing the traditions that have been set and breaking new barriers and frontiers in the restaurant industry.

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    Desert Breeze Tourism LLC

    Desert Breeze Tourism LLC is a young ,new ,exciting yet experienced Destination Management company based in Dubai covering all the Middle East and overseas markets. Desert Breeze tourism Team is a multinational multi skilled team.

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    Sixt Car Hire
    Vienna, AUSTRIA

    We at the Sixt Car Hire strive to cater to your personal customer requirements. This is demonstrated by the ability of your individual choice of additional features.You will need a car seat, a baby seat, tie-downs, a navigation system or an air conditioning system? We provide these happy for you!

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